India Unrevealed has been responsible for creating one platform that shares authentic and refined information about the Indian sub-continent under various categories such as art, culture, history, heritage, travel, adventure, nature, wildlife, food, drink, health, lifestyle and more. In our roadmap, we also have plans to introduce a dedicated section for live news and reportage in the future.

For centuries crossed, India still stands as a land of diverse cultures and ethnicities. From the abode of snow to the waves of the Indian Ocean and from the white sands to the mangroves, many stories vanish unnoticed. “India Unrevealed”, a digital magazine, was founded in April 2022 by Fira Media with a unique motive of making a fine attempt to gather and share such unnoticed stories with the readers and aspirants.

With a state-of-art technological infrastructure, a competitive team of content experts and journalists offers a profusion of facts, insights and information that covers every corner of India and everything about India. Employing unique research methods, India Unrevealed reports fascinating and comprehensive information covering various topics under different categories. Adequate care is taken to make sure that every contribution is edited and illustrated to make the magazine more useful for information seekers.

Features & Objectives

India Unrevealed follows certain protocols and work standards to deliver information. We do not publish in a random manner or articles under different categories covering various topics as just providing the information is not our way. Our main objective is to provide concise information with due research, and extensive study relying on primary sources of information under each category and sub-category from the roots, and in an organized manner.

How to use our website?

  1. We follow a chronological order under each category and sub-category wherever possible and based on available evidence. For those who are seeking the root information under any category or sub-category, we recommend checking from the last page of the category archives.
  2. Please use our site search tool, in case you are seeking some specific information on a certain topic.
  3. Readers who are interested in a specific category or sub-category, go to the relevant category archive and use the search tool if necessary.
  4. In general, our content is suitable and a great informative source even for children of 12 years and above. However, parental guidance may be required.