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Gentle Ways to Behave With Your Daughter as a Responsible Dad

Responsible Dad

Being a gentle dad is not easy; men usually lack sensitivity or may behave wild at times. Behaving like men is not always necessary, though your daughter may ignore or bear your insensible behaviours; however, such repetitive behaviours may cause insecurities, distress, worries, disturbances or make your daughter feel unsafe at home.

Many fathers assume they are perfect, gentle and kind, but this may not be true. As a dad, you may be a good person, your behaviours may be fair enough, and your intentions may not be wrong still; it is wise to think twice before you act.

Here are some valuable tips for mending your behaviour sensible enough to make your daughter feel safe and comfortable:

1. Observe their acts and behaviour before deciding on your action. For example, before entering your daughter’s room, knock on the door even if the doors are partially closed or give a voice or alert them before you join. Behaving this way, you avoid entering their room accidentally while changing their dress or sleeping in an accessible position. 

2. Maintain neutral eye contact whenever you speak with them and if you notice any malfunction in their wearables, inform them to correct it politely.

3. Females have a unique sense that men do not have. They can identify your lies, cheat acts, and learn your intentions by touching or reading through your eyes. Be humble, behave honestly, and try to be truthful; little mischief is tolerable, but it should not lead in another way that may cause hurt to their feelings.

4. Never attempt to act in any way that questions their self-respect, identity, or character, as this is a grave mistake. Never get too close unless necessary, even while consoling or during illness. If you think that your daughter requires physical aid, then take the help of other female members of your family like your mother or wife etc. or in the absence of any female members, take their permission before you approach to aid them.

5. Give them proper and immediate attention whenever your daughter approaches you to express something. If you are running out of time, ask them whether the matter is urgent, or you can discuss that later.

6. Handle any complaints or issues related to your daughter or arising out of her actions in a very gentle manner with patience. No need to judge her actions or get angry or frustrated; instead, try to understand the circumstance, reason and background of her actions.

7. Wisely educate them whenever necessary; they do listen to you. Allocate some dedicated time in your routine to spend with your daughter. Allow some space for freedom instead of being strict. Make her aware of the consequences whenever she commits wrong.

Listing never ends. Understanding a female is not rocket science. Adapting wise behaviours are crucial to making your daughter feel safe and comfortable and always depends on understanding the circumstances, sensitiveness and proper observation.