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Motivating Morning Strategies to Get Out of Bed

Waking up in the Morning

The alarm goes off and causes a jolt to the system, interrupting deep dreams and the cosy comforts of a warm bed. While some people blissfully awaken before their alarm startles them, most rely on a loud and often obnoxious alarm to wake up on time. Rather than hitting the snooze button multiple times, consider these motivating strategies to help you get out of bed and start the day.

1. Have a warm shower

Transitioning from a warm bed to a warm shower is undoubtedly not a horrible option. Make the transition even more effortless by preparing the night before to have a clean towel and fluffy robe ready to go. Keep a fresh stock of revitalizing body washes, shampoos, and conditioners within an easy arm’s reach so that nothing is missing. Consider bathing products that help awaken the senses, like refreshing organic mint or eucalyptus.

2. Hot beverages

Whether coffee or tea is your morning caffeinated beverage, the smell and taste of a freshly made cup is the correct answer to getting out of bed. Consider investing in an automated coffee maker with a timer for freshly brewed coffee. What could be better than rolling out of bed to a fresh pot of coffee ready to be enjoyed and help to wake the mind ?

3. Yoga

While thoughts of going for a one-hour run first thing in the morning may not be high on everyone’s morning to-do list, crawling out of bed and rolling onto a yoga mat is doable for most people. Keep the pressure and expectations low and see how things go. Start with light and flowy cat and cow back stretches and work up to a downward dog. Even five simple sun salutation flows can wake up numerous muscles to start the day. Maintain a focus on breathing to oxygenate the blood and brain to feel the energizing benefits. Including regular stretches into your morning routine not only feels great but helps to build flexibility and can help avoid soft tissue injuries throughout the day.

4. Step outside for fresh air

Rushed mornings can make it challenging to get some fresh air before switching from the confines of the home to the confines of an indoor work environment. Without creating pressure on an already rushed morning, allow for even five minutes to step outside, inhale the fresh air, and see the early morning sky, and it is even more motivating if a dog needs to walk. However, a short walk down the block or sitting on a front step to enjoy the air can help shake the cobwebs out of the brain and start the day fresh.

5. Exercise snacks

No, these are not the kind of snacks for eating but are small amounts of time spent exercising throughout the day that shall start in the morning. Getting out of bed and dressed to drive to a gym can take time and energy. However, sliding out of bed, turning on the computer, and starting a short online fitness video requires 10 to 15 minutes. Consider high interval intensity training, or HIIT, workouts. Google the desired amount of time dedicated to this fitness snack and see all available options.

Later in the day, have another exercise snack with a ten-minute walk over a lunch break, followed by a ten-minute walk, run, bike ride, or another HIIT video in the evening. Thirty minutes of exercise is possible throughout the day. Exercising 30 minutes per day and five times per week is often the standard recommendation to maintain a healthy activity level to help prevent medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other heart diseases.

For those who struggle in the morning with not wanting to get out of bed, consider implementing one, two, or even all of the above strategies and see how easy getting out of bed can be.

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